Poljot Cosmos with Circular Calendar Scale

Cosmos watches were produced in the USSR at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory.

Among collectors, they are also known as the Cosmos - Flight watch.
This is one of the most expensive watches in the USSR; today it is a great rarity.

The Polet-Cosmos watch is equipped with the 2416 movement – a hand-assembled mechanical watch.
The Cosmos watch has a movement caliber of 24 mm, a height of 4.6 mm, and 29 ruby stones.

cosmoc watch

Cosmos watch with automatic spring winding, calendar, and central seconds hand.
The calendar shows the day of the month.

Clock progress Space Flight steel, anchor. The balance unit is damped.
The case of the Cosmos Flight watch is dust and moisture-resistant.
Body ring made of brass, gilded. The thickness of the plating is 999 gold-Au20.

Stainless steel back cover.
Organic glass, scratch-resistant. The hour scale is incompletely digitized, only the numbers 6 and 12 are marked. Milled gold-colored signs replace the remaining numbers.

Cosmos Poljot watch

This watch is also unique for its calendar, the scale of which is located along the outer diameter of the dial. The numbers, calendar scale, and inscriptions on the dial are black. The hour, minute, and second hands are gilded.
The calendar hand is metal with a crescent-shaped pointer.